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University Services

Discover how our university training programs can improve your student's academic performance.

Global Speech Solutions offers customized programs for universities and students. Our individualized training is designed to meet a variety of needs and we offer solutions that include:

  • Accent Reduction for ESL students

  • Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

  • Test-Prep for Verbal Components

  • Voice Projection and Intonation

Our experienced educational team will work with universities and learning centers worldwide to deliver customized private or group training:

  • At university campuses

  • Via Online Video or Tele-Class Conferencing Formats

  • Through the use of self guided study modules

Students who participate in our training programs typically experience:

  • Higher academic performance

  • Increased confidence

  • Enhanced verbal communication skills

  • Improved standardized assessment scores

Please contact us at (845) 680-6574 to arrange a private consultation and find out about our various university and student program options.

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