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Individual Services

Discover how you can stay competitive with clear and confident speech.

Global Speech offers innovative programs designed to meet the individual personal goals set by our clients. Whether to minimize a regional accent or improve the speaking style and intonation of a non-native English speaker, our effective programs will dramatically improve the way you communicate in English.

Our accent modification programs will help you:

  • be better understood in conversational English

  • increase your confidence in all speaking situations

  • relive the frustration felt as a result of your current speaking patterns

  • enhance how you communicate at work

  • improve your voice projection and presentation skills

  • develop a professional and impressive speaking style

Individual programs are typically offered via online video or tele-class conferencing formats, or at your office, and are offered in a private or group setting.

Please contact us at (845) 680-6574 to find out about various affordable pricing and program options. 

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